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2020 Ten Years Ten Goals Charity Publication for Arthritis Research UK


2020: Ten Years, Ten Goals is an Arthritis Research UK initiative in which high net worth individuals are approached to join and support the charity in achieving 10 goals by the year 2020. To support the campaign, we created a booklet of interweaving personal stories from people who's lives have been changed by arthritis – and how the charity has subsequently helped them – with inspiring revelations from scientists and staff working for the charity. We used a raw portraiture style to support the open, frank feel of the campaign.

Pulication design for UK not for profit Arthritis Research UK
Design and Photography for Charity Publication Arthritis Research UK
Design, Layout and Photography retouching for UK Charity Arthritis Research UK
Photo retouching and layout for charity book for Arthritis Research UK
Design and layout for charity publication for Arthritis Research UK

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Magazine book design and photography for Arthritis Research UK
Photography and retouching for Charity Arthritis Research UK
Professional Photography and Retouching by Rilke
Staff photography and retouching by Rilke for Arthritis Research UK
Professional Photo Shoot and Retouching for UK not for profit Arthritis Research UK
Photography planning and shoot management for UK based charity by Rilke
Senior staff photos for Arthritis Research UK
Publication photos for Arthritis Research UK