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Everyman Stamp Out Male Cancer campaign branding


The Everyman Male Cancer campaign was struggling to connect with its audience and needed to assess and redress the brands tone and image. Our target was, literally, every man. A key insight to the brand’s tonality is that most men remain boys/lads throughout their lives. So how do we speak to the lad within every man – no matter what his age? Our aim was to subvert his reticence in an overt, brash, ‘blokey’ way – using humour to get men involved with a subject they would otherwise chose to avoid.

Branding manual for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign
Branding and tone of voice for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign
Branding Manual for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign Logo
Charity Branding Manual showing logo clear space and minimum size
Branding manual showing colour pantone guidelines

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Charity brand manual showing logo colour high contrast options
Brand manual showing Typography Typeface useage
Branding manual showing typography layout
Everyman Male Cancer Campaign Humorous poster design
Everyman Male Cancer Campaign rocket science poster design
Charity poster design and branding for male cancer
Everyman Male Cancer Campaign fundraising pack design and layout